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Who we are...

Certified Energy Raters, LLC was established in 2005 to provide building professionals with consulting, education & testing services to enable our customers to maximize their building skills.  The result being high performance homes & buildings that are efficient, comfortable, affordable, sustainable, healthy & safe.

We have assisted building professionals and homeowners in over 20 states in the building process for performance designed & tested new construction.  We also diagnose and offer remedies for performance building failures.  The process of performance building is an ongoing learning experience.  We are pleased to offer our customers a wealth of knowledge based on our past experiences and sharing new information to continually help improve the performance building process.

Certified Energy Raters, LLC was one of the first energy efficiency and green performance building organizations in the State of Ohio.  CER has actively modeled, tested, audited, certified and labeled homes, multi-family, housing projects and subdivisions in 20 states.  CER also provides Modular Plant Programs, plant certification and quality assurance for numerous major modular corporations.


Our commercial building division specializes in performance building, consulting, modeling, testing, rating and green building practices.  We also offer specialized services with our Healthy Environments program providing indoor air quality and touch surface microbial reduction assessment.


We utilize cutting edge technologies in our performance building strategies including:

»  REM Energy Efficiency Modeling Software

»  High Efficiency Insulation

»  Envelope Air Sealing

»  High Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Water Heating

»  LED Lighting 

»  Solar Power

»  PHI (Hydrogen Peroxide) IAQ

»  Anti Microbial Touch Surface


We are pleased to be advisors to:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton (Construction Committee)

Habitat for Humanity of Miami CountySinclair Community College (Performance Building Department) *Energy Management Degree


We are proud members of:



»  HBA of Dayton

»  NAR

»  OAR


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