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Modular Home QA & Plant Certification

Certified Energy Raters, LLC is one of the few rating organizations in the country that offers a specialized 3rd party Quality Assurance and high-performance-building program for modular home plants.  Offering a high-performance 3rd party quality assured ready product is becoming more and more important for modular home builders to retain maximum credibility in the marketplace. 

Modular plants have a potentially huge advantage over site "stick-built" builders if they so choose when it comes to high-performance and green builds.  This advantage stems from:  

» A stabilized workforce  

» A climate control build environment  

» Standardized Build Practices

» Better Materials Control & Conservation  

Unfortunately, many modular home plants fail to avail themselves of this product and market advantage.  A simple implementation of high-performance build practices as a "standard" feature of the plant design-build and the placement of an independent 3rd Party Quality Assurance verifier to ensure that these build standards are being consistently implemented would result in a much higher quality home than could be duplicated by "site" builders, better customer satisfaction & a broader marketing platform resulting in more sales.  

Our Modular Plant QA Certification Program

Certified Energy Raters, LLC makes it easy for modular plants to offer 3rd party verified performance building plants to offer 3rd party verified performance-building packages to your customers with our Modular Home Plant QA Certification Program:  

Plant Training  

We train your building team on the latest best building practices using EPA, and Energy Star guidelines and based on our vast field testing experiences with modular homes.  

Marketing Training  

We train your sales team on the best ways to promote your high-performance home program.  We also can supply marketing materials and your own "branded" performance QA label to affix on 100% of your builds.  


QA Requirements for Plant Certification

Certified Energy Raters, LLC must follow 3 performance builds from plant construction to final field (site) testing.  If all specifications meet the QA high-performance building standards the plant will be certified to issue CER QA plant labels on all builds. 

On Going QA Inspections  

Certified Energy Raters, LLC periodically will perform in-plant inspections to ensure that Quality Assurance for performance building is being maintained.  

On-going field Quality Assurance  

Certified Energy Raters, LLC maintains ongoing Quality Assurance of the modular product from final performance testing reported from the site.  

Plant QA Certification Process

CER is a HERS Rating Organization and also offers our own QA Plant pre-qualification services to prepare a build for final field Energy Star & HERS Certification & Ratings. 

Quality Assurance Plant Labeling Choices

Certified Energy Raters, LLC makes it possible for the modular plant to offer a performance-built Quality Assurance label on the plant portion of each home as proof to their customers that QA performance-building practices were employed in the build.


Branded HPP (High-Performance Product) Label


Final Labeling Choices

Certified Energy Raters, LLC makes it possible for the modular plant to offer its builder customers final site performance testing and labeling choices for any of their needs:

º Code Compliance (2009/2012/2015/2018 IECC)

º HERS Certification (*Plant Branded Label is available)

º Energy Star Certification & Label

º NGBS (National Green Building Standard) Label

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