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If building a better, more marketable product interests you, below are links which should be of interest:

Here you can find out more about Energy Star Homes & how to become an Energy Star Partner (it's free) 

Builder Benefits of becoming an Energy Star Partner  

»  Market Differentiation & Recognition
»  Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
»  Risk Reduction from Building an Energy Star Quality Assured Home
»  Increased Revenue from Building a Premium Product
»  Program Flexibility (Prescriptive or Performance Paths)
»  EPA Marketing Resources Support at No Charge
»  National Exposure on Energy Star Builder Registry at No Charge  

º Understand Program Requirements                       
º Choose Certified Energy Raters, LLC as your registered Rater
º Choose an Energy Star credentialed HVAC contractor - *A Mandatory requirement.
º Complete an Energy Star Partnership Agreement - *A Mandatory requirement.
º Take Short OnLine Energy Star Orientation (20 minutes) - *Mandatory requirement
º Build Your First Energy Star Home

    »  Include CER Rater at Planning Stage of Build
    »  Follow CER'S Energy Star Prescription for the Build
    »  Contact CER Rater for Mandatory Pre-Drywall Inspection
    »  Contact CER Rater for Final Testing & Verification  

º  Complete Energy Star Checklists  (*Checklist Requirements) 

    »  Thermal Enclosure Rater Checklist - (Rater)

    »  HVAC System Quality Installation (Contractor) Checklist
        * HVAC Contractor must use Manual J, S & D calculations

    »  HVAC System Quality Installation (Rater) Checklist

    »  Water Management System Builder Checklist (Builder)

º   ENERGY STAR Homes, Version 3 (Rev. 07) Technical Guide
     *This ES online reference tool helps you easily build to checklist requirements 

Upon successful completion of Rater testing and checklist verification the home will have earned the Energy Star Certification, Label and will be placed on the national Energy Star registery.

Here you can find out more about HERS certified Homes & how to become a RESNET Energy Smart Builder


Here you can find out more about 2009/2012/2015/2018/2021 IECC Code Compliance

                                    Certified Energy Raters, LLC makes  Energy code compliance as easy as 1, 2, 3... 


National Energy Codes:  2019/2012/2018/2021 IECC

State/Local Codes:

- 2020 Massachusetts

- 2022 Chicago
- 2019 Denver, Colorado

- 2017 District of Columbia Energy Conservation Code

 2016 NYCECC

- 2020 NYCECC

- 2020 NYSTRETCH - 2018 IECC

- Utah 2020

- Vermont 2020

º  We model your plans

º  We issue pre-build compliance certificate for your Building Permit

º  We perform all required testing

º  We issue the final compliance certificate and generate the required label


No more fumbling with REScheck and time wasting... Certified Energy Raters, LLC will do it for you...

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