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Plan Modeling

The most important part of a high efficiency building starts at the planning & design phase.  Certified Energy Raters works with the builder, architect, design professional & homeowners to insure that energy efficiency, air quality, proper ventilation, heating/cooling & green building practices are part of the overall plan design.

We use building efficiency software to model, project and forecast the efficiency target of any build using the specifications & plans supplied to us by the customer.  For certification & code compliance programs, Certified Energy Raters, LLC can generate code compliance documents and draft high performance build prescriptions for the builder to follow during the build.

The information that we supply through plan modeling not only can estimate final utility cost estimations but can also be used to compare material and equipment choices and their cost to benefit for overall efficiency.  As a performance building is a whole system, the modeling permits us to point out best choices to stay within budget and maximize the most efficiency for the dollars spent.

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