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The Benefits of Getting a HERS Rating

Updated: May 24, 2023

If you're building a new home or undertaking significant energy-efficient renovations to an existing home, getting a HERS Rating is essential.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a HERS Rating from us here at Certified Energy Raters, LLC:

1. Energy Efficiency Modeling: HERS Ratings provide you with an energy efficiency score for your home. This score is based on an analysis of your home's energy performance, including insulation, air leakage, heating and cooling systems, and appliances. It helps you identify areas where you can improve energy efficiency and save money on utility bills.

2. Energy Star: A HERS Rating can help you qualify for Energy Star certification for your home. Energy Star is a federal program that certifies homes that meet specific energy efficiency criteria. It's a powerful marketing tool for homeowners who want to sell their homes in the future.

3. Modular Home: If you're building a modular home, you'll need a HERS Rating to comply with energy codes and standards. We will ensure that your modular home meets all the requirements for energy efficiency and is compliant with the relevant codes.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality: Homes with higher HERS Ratings tend to have better indoor air quality than those with lower ratings. We will inspect your HVAC system, ductwork, and other components to make sure that they're clean, properly sealed, and functioning correctly.

5. Lower Operating Costs: A home with a lower HERS Rating will have lower operating costs than a home with a higher rating. This is because energy-efficient homes use less energy and have lower utility bills.

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