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Why do I need a HERS Rater?

HERS Rater

HERS raters hold a role in the Realm of Energy-Efficient Housing

When purchasing a new home, many regions mandate that new homes undergo evaluation by a HERS rater. This assessment results in a rating that reflects the home's energy efficiency level. Similar to miles per gallon (MPG) for cars, a lower HERS score signifies energy efficiency in the home potentially leading to reduced energy expenses for you.

During the construction of a home, enlisting the services of a HERS rater could be advantageous. The rater can collaborate with the builder throughout construction to pinpoint areas where enhancements can be made to enhance energy efficiency. This could result in achieving a score and possibly making you eligible for tax benefits or other rewards.

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your current residence; Although not obligatory, hiring a rater to evaluate your existing home's energy consumption is also an option. The rater will highlight areas for enhancement. Suggest upgrades that could lead to cost savings on your utility bills.

In essence, utilizing the expertise of a rater can prove valuable for anyone looking to comprehend or enhance their home's energy efficiency levels.

Advantages of Engaging with a HERS Rater

Cut Down Energy Costs

A HERS assessment pinpoints area where your house may be leaking energy. By fixing these issues through upgrades or enhancements you can slash your energy usage. See a drop in your utility bills.

Boost Property Value

The demand for eco homes is on the rise. A favorable HERS rating could serve as a selling point potentially fetching you a price when selling your property.

Access Incentives

Various states and localities provide tax breaks, rebates, and other perks for energy residences. Typically having a rating is crucial to qualify for these programs.

 Enhanced Comfort

Living in a well-insulated energy-efficient home translates to better comfort levels. Enjoying temperatures year improved indoor air quality, as some of the notable benefits.

Environmental Responsibility

By curbing your home's energy usage you're also lessening your impact. Contributing to fostering a greener planet.

The Process of HERS Rating

The typical steps involved in a rating are as follows.

1. Contact us directly: Certified Energy Raters by calling (800) 671-1895.

2. Home Evaluation for Current Homes:  One of the first steps is to schedule a consultation, either by phone or at your residence.  During this consultation, we will discuss your concerns and help develop a plan that will address energy performance issues in your home.  Things that may come up in our discussions are items such as: performing an assessment, which includes inspecting insulation levels, windows, doors, HVAC systems, and appliances, or testing directly for energy efficiency problems.

3. Home Evaluations for New Homes:  We will be happy to discuss your project with you to help plan and discuss any potential energy issues that may arise during and after construction.  We can also discuss direct testing to check for issues such as air infiltration (walls, windows, etc.) or air leakage in the HVAC ductwork. 

3. Data Collection: An essential piece of what we do,  we collect information about your home's dimensions, construction materials, and current energy consumption.

4. Computer Modeling:  Utilizing software we develop a model of your home's energy efficiency.

5. HERS Index Rating:  The software computes a HERS Index rating that reflects how energy efficient your home is compared to a reference residence. A lower score indicates energy efficiency.

6. Report Creation:  Finally we will furnish you with a report detailing your HERS Index rating areas for enhancement and suggestions for upgrades.


By collaborating with our raters here at Certified Energy Raters,  you can gain insights into your home's energy efficiency and make informed choices that benefit both your finances and the environment.

Visit us on our website for more information: Certified Energy Raters

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